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About Strategic Defence


Strategic Defence was founded in New Zealand by industry professionals with several decades of experience gained over three continents. The company offers specialised defence, law-enforcement and security products and services to its customers throughout the country by holding strategic partnerships with the manufacturers it represents. 

Our Mission

To provide the best operational equipment by listening to and understanding our customers’ requirements.

Our Vision

To equip and safeguard those entrusted to protect us.

Our Values

- We value all people and keeping them safe

- We are committed and accountable in all we do

- Strategic Defence views its people as its greatest asset

The Strategic Defence team are constantly researching new products, their methods of use, cost of ownership, and lifecycle, to ensure what is offered is of the greatest value to the end customer.   Our product and end use knowledge base, coupled with unmatched levels of service, have proven to be an invaluable tool in securing business from a vast array of government and private sector entities.

We’re a dedicated team of individuals who thoroughly enjoy the work we do, products we offer, and environment in which we are fortunate enough to work. Supplying our customers with fit-for-purpose products is just the beginning of what we believe should be an enduring relationship.

Our portfolio covers thousands of specialised products within these key areas:

  • Tactical Equipment
  • Specialised Apparel
  • Optics and Electro-Optics
  • Personal Protection
  • Vehicle Protection
  • Training & Safety Equipment


At the helm of the company are industry professionals, all highly experienced in their respective fields, with many years’ experience spread over three continents.

What You Can Expect From Us

Creative Approach

We've been in the industry a long time. Time enough to know that old methods and products don't always offer the best value, purpose, or safety.
We search for and offer products that are current and in-line with both local and global trends.

Customer Service

You are our number one reason for being and we'll treat you as such. We see our customers as partners and will walk next to you all the way.


Once we understand your requirements, we'll offer fit-for-purpose products at the most affordable rates by holding strategic partnership agreements with the global manufacturers we represent.

Our Partners

Keep in touch and stay updated with our latest product offerings. Follow us on social media.

Want To Find Out More?

We’ll save you time and effort by quickly and effectively identifying the correct products or solutions for your requirements.