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What is the benefit of protective footwear?
Protective footwear is a secondary measure that is intended to prevent injury or reduce the injury severity in the event of an accident. Safety-toe footwear are shoes which have a protective toe cap underneath the leather toe cap and protect the wearer’s toe from moving or falling objects.
If you work in any environment where there is a risk of slipping, you require slip-resistant shoes. Where there is the risk of a shoe being crushed or hit by an object, or even caught in machinery, safety footwear must be provided

Can you wear safety boots casually?
There are also plenty of work boots that are also worn casually. From Magnum boots to Hi-Tec hiking boots there are options that are just as popular for everyday casual wear as they are on job sites. Low heel profiles and flat soles are supportive, comfortable and feel almost sneaker-like on the foot.
Understanding the various safety features in work boots is paramount to finding the right boot for your needs. Always start with your safety manager, foreperson, or human resources manager to determine if there are specific safety-gear requirements for your specific job or project (
Safety toes
The environment of a craftsman or industrial employee is often wrought with heavy hazards.
Composite toes are typically comprised of carbon fibre, plastic, or kevlar. They are lighter than steel toes but are the thickest option for a safety toe and therefore have a bulkier silhouette than their steel or aluminum counterparts. Composite toes do not transfer cold or heat and since they are non-metallic, offer a great safety option for workers passing through metal detectors or working in an environment that needs to stay metal-free.
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