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Alien Gear Holster Systems

Strategic Defence is the proud Australasian distributor of Alien Gear Holsters who manufacture premium, incredibly comfortable concealed carry IWB holsters (inside the waistband) and open carry OWB holsters (outside the waistband) for concealed carry.

Alien Gear concealed carry handgun Holsters are made in United States from quality leather or neoprene composite and super strong plastic. We use American Made parts wherever possible throughout our gun holster manufacturing process. Alien Gear Holsters unprecedented growth and popularity within the concealed carry holster industry is due to our ongoing commitment to comfort, quality, workmanship and affordable products.

Each pistol holster includes a fully interchangeable handgun shell for versatility and comes equipped with standard nylon clips, designed for 1 1/4 to 1 1/2 inch belts, or steel clips that fit belts up to 1 3/4 inches.

For enhanced conceal-ability, nylon C clips and J clips are also available as add-on items.

Every gun holster is covered by our Iron Clad Triple Warranty. If any part of your holster breaks for any reason, including the clips, we’ll repair or replace it for free. 30 Day Risk-Free Trial on all Holsters with money back guarantee! We guarantee free shell trades for life. If you ever decide to carry a different handgun know that we will swap your gun holster shell for a new one. You can make unlimited trades as long as you own your Alien Gear Holster.

Alien Gear Holsters are the best rated iwb holster and the most comfortable concealed carry holsters on the planet.

Strategic Defence is able to offer any of the concealed carry holsters, open carry holsters, duty holsters, even women’s holsters.

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Alien Gear Open Carry Holsters

Rapid Force Duty Holster

Introducing a duty holster built specifically for law enforcement and military personnel.  The Alien Gear Rapid Force Duty Holster is the answer to all of your duty holster needs.  Designed and engineered with valuable input from law enforcement and military professionals, this holster was built to protect your firearm, while you protect and serve your country.

Featuring secure Level 2 and Level 3 retention, a completely natural, lightning-fast draw, and the durability of a tank, the Rapid Force is in a class of its own.

Secure: The Rapid Force Duty Holster keeps your firearm secure, no matter the situation. Get the specific level of retention you want and need with our Level 2 and optional Level 3 retention configurations. Our revolutionary retention mechanism was engineered to provide the highest level of security while maintaining an incredibly fast and fluid draw.

Fast: Rapid response requires fast actions, and this duty holster won’t slow you down. Our patented Gross Motor Response (GMR™) retention control system is a game changer amongst duty holsters. We built the GMR™ system to be so intuitive and natural that you won’t have to think about drawing your gun. Each and every draw will result in a perfect grip, even under stress. When fractions of a second can be the difference between life and death, you’ll want the Rapid Force on your side.

Durable: Your duty holster should be the only thing tougher than you. Our engineers have spent countless hours trying to destroy this holster. Law enforcement and military professionals have thoroughly field tested the Rapid Force in every extreme climate, landscape, and weather condition. The result, a duty holster that can withstand anything you throw at it. Go ahead, do your worst. The Rapid Force Duty Holster can take it.

The Rapid Force Duty Holster is available in 4 configurations to fit your personal carry preference and needs.

  • Belt Slide – fits duty belts up to 3 inches wide and is available in low ride, mid ride, and high ride configurations for the perfect ride height.
  • Paddle – fits belts up to 1 ¾ inches wide and is perfect for on-duty, off-duty, or plain clothes use. The paddle has a wide base and retention lips to keep the holster securely in place.
  • MOLLE – fits any webbing and is perfect for getting your duty holster off of your waist.
  • Swivel Drop Leg –The Swivel Drop Leg Holster is a QDS (quick disconnect system) drop leg holster with a minimalist design and a new range of motion utilizing less belt space.

Add our revolutionary Quick Disconnect System (QDS) and you’ll be able to switch your holster from one carry configuration to another quickly and easily, without the use of tools.

WARNING: This Holster is designed to accommodate larger gun-mounted lights. As is common among holsters of this nature that are specifically designed to accept larger lights, this can leave an opening large enough for a foreign object or finger to access the trigger while the gun is holstered. Due to this opening, use of this holster, with or without a gun-mounted light, can lead to accidental discharge and, in some instances, serious injury or even death. For better trigger protection we recommend using the non-light bearing version of this Holster.

Rapid Force LVL 2 Slim Holster

The LVL 2 Slim holster does not accommodate the Sig P365 Elite, P365 XL Elite, and P365 X Elite models IF AN OPTIC IS INSTALLED due to the co-witnessed optics.

The LVL 2 Slim Holster is an outside the waistband holster with level 2 retention. This latest addition to our Rapid Force holster line is built for those needing a more compact holster while maintaining compatibility with their current Rapid Force Quick Disconnect System. The LVL 2 Slim is the perfect partner to the Level 3 Duty Holster and is great for unmarked or off-duty work. This holster meets the needs of detectives, executive protection, and officers both on and off the job.

The LVL 2 Slim Holster is a classic level 2 holster that features:

  • Rapid Force QDS Compatibility
  • Intuitive draw for reduced time to competency
  • Slim, minimalist design while maintaining the strength and durability Rapid Force is known for
  • Accommodates most suppressor height sights
  • Optics compatible cut out
  • Light Bearing



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