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Condor Rip-Away EMT Lite Pouch


This Condor EMT Lite pouch is a redesigned personal version of the MA41 Rip Away EMT. It has a compact design that is great for a single person. Additionally, the MOLLE space can be used to put more attachments on or use chem lights. The grab handle is good to quickly tear away and switch out loads as well as quick access to the pull tongue that opens the pouch.

Pouch Features:

  • Rip Away Hook Back w/ Loop Panel
  • Secure & Quick Release Buckle
  • Clam-shell Design
  • Grab Handle
  • Hook & Loop ID Panel
  • Webbing for MOLLE Attachements & Accessories
  • Internal Quick Open Pull-tongue
  • 15cm Mod Straps Included
  • Medical supplies not included



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