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Hand-Held Metal Detector-Fisher CW-10


The Fisher™ Research Labs CW-10 hand-held metal detector provides precision locating for all types of metal in a highly durable package.

The CW-10 gives you the choice between an audio alarm or silent vibrator alarm. It also provides an optimum sensitivity level for all your security needs. With no tuning required, the CW-10 is easy to use and serves as an effective locator for unwanted metal objects. The unit is backed by Fisher’s 2-year warranty.

Detects Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Metal

  • Operating Frequency: 110 kHz
  • Choice of Audio Alarm or Silent Vibrate Alarm
  • Easy to Use, 3 Position Switch for Power, Audio and Vibrate
  • Sensitivity Setting at Optimum Level – No Tuning Required
  • Balanced and Lightweight – Under 12 oz
  • Requires 1-9 Volt Battery
  • Low Battery Indicator


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Why Use a Hand-Held Metal Detector?

The Fisher CW-10 Hand-Held Security Metal Detector wand provides security you can trust at a price to fit any budget. Designed to safeguard security sensitive areas such as schools, courtrooms, correctional facilities, sporting events, nightclubs, and other public events. This hand held security wand virtually eliminates the need for pat downs during weapons screenings.

Hand held metal detectors offer an inexpensive means of scanning persons for concealed knives and other weapons, foil wrapped drugs and a wide range of other metallic objects.

CW10 Brochure


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