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GHOST™ Concealable Armour

The GHOST™ features:

  • A carrier made of 100% CoolMax™ Cooling Technology
  • Velcro waist and shoulder straps
  • A discrete and lightweight profile
  • NIJ Level II or IIIa
  • Stab and Spike Level 1 or 2.

Available sizes: Small – 8XL

Colour: Black


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Stay discrete and protected with Ghost™ covert armour. The lightest, thinnest carrier on the market, this vest is the benchmark for concealable armour.

The Ghost™ is breathable thanks to a 100% CoolMax® carrier, and features fully adjustable shoulder and waist straps for a perfect fit. With multi-threat capabilities, this vest can be worn comfortably for long periods and leaves you free to move. No-one will know you’re protected but you.


Body armor is produced in 2 main styles – covert and overt. Covert armor is designed to be worn under clothes. Protective vests that are designed to be worn over clothes are known as overt.


These are normally produced in light colors. They are designed to be as thin as possible, making them unnoticeable when worn under clothing. As they are worn under clothes they will often feature moisture-wicking fabrics which will help to keep the wearer cool when worn for long periods. They are suitable for people that don’t want others to know they are wearing a piece of body armor, for example, door supervisors, undercover operatives, and close protection officers.


These are designed to be worn over your clothes. Generally, they will be black, however, they are also produced in a variety of colors when required. For example, bulletproof vests worn by members of the media in war zones are blue, security personnel will often wear high visibility bulletproof vests, and vests worn by the military will come in camouflage designs. Overt armor is normally thicker and harder to wear than covert armor. Overt vests are worn by people such as police officers, security guards, and members of the military.

For over a decade, SafeGuard Armor has been pioneering a revolutionary era of body armor manufacturing. Their innovative, quality-driven approach has fuelled their rapid growth to become one of the largest and most respected global suppliers in an industry that relies on cutting-edge technology. 

SafeGuard have a sense of purpose that drives everything they do and is supported by fundamental values. They are INNOVATIVE, set AUDACIOUS goals, and hold to the highest standard of EXCELLENCE.

Strategic Defence and our suppliers, SafeGuard Armor, cannot be held responsible for any injuries that may occur when wearing ballistic protective wear. Our products are tested in certified laboratory conditions in line with the standards set by the US National Institute of Justice (NIJ). The product you purchase will offer ballistic protection up to and including the size of weapon and ammunition listed in official NIJ documentation, as well as any weapons and ammunitions outlined in lower levels. Your body armor cannot and will not protect against any ammunition or weapon at a higher caliber or strength. Ballistic protection can never be 100% guaranteed; body armor is ‘bullet resistant’, not ‘bullet proof’. Whilst our products are guaranteed to meet the appropriate standards of testing and safety, SafeGuard Armor and Strategic Defence are not liable for any injuries sustained while wearing ballistic protective wear.



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