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GALVION’S NERV CENTR SQUAD POWER MANAGER (SPM) integrates with more than 200 varieties of batteries and electronic equipment, seamlessly supporting a wide range of missions and shifting user demands. The Squad Power Manager can draw power from any source – vehicle or aircraft power outlet, solar blanket, primary and secondary batteries, and more – anywhere in the world. With its built-in intelligent power management software, the Squad Power Manager can power a variety of equipment and recharge batteries simultaneously – no reprogramming required. A true plug-and-play solution, the Squad Power Manager reduces weight, streamlines logistics, scavenges power from any available source on the battlefield, and, above all, keeps your equipment up and running when it matters most.
Built around a suite of intelligent power management algorithms, the Squad Power Manager (SPM-622) can power equipment and recharge batteries simultaneously—scavenging from any available source, anywhere in the world, and automatically converting that power to reliably run critical equipment and devices.


SPM-622 Power Manager
Kits vary depending on requirements – please contact us for customized solutions.

6 port power manager connected to various device batteries soldier connecting wires to port on power manager

The Nerv Centr® Squad Power Manager™ (SPM) supports a wide range of military operations by integrating seamlessly with batteries and electronic equipment.







Standard military issue, MOTS, and COTS batteries including:

  • BB-2557
  • BB-2590
  • BB-2600
  • BB-2800
  • CWB
  • CSEL
  • 12V & 24V Vehicle Batteries
  • Nerv Centr SoloPack™
  • Nerv Centr SharePack®
  • Multiple types of common power tool batteries
  • and more…

Connect and power over 200 types of electronic gear, including:

  • Radios and Communications equipment
  • Specialist Explosive Ordnance Demolition gear
  • GPS, targeting and imaging equipment
  • Laptops, tablets and smart phones
  • Prolonged Field Care medical equipment
  • Unmanned Systems platforms and controllers



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