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HSEQ Services

Environmental risk management
Quality risk management

Our Commitment To You

 ♦ To act responsibly with what we are tasked

 ♦ Keep provided information safe

 ♦ Always act with integrity

 ♦ Remain honest and forthcoming in all we do

Occupational Health & Safety Risk Management

♦ A SafePlus onsite assessment evaluates the performance of the business’ health and safety leadership, worker engagement and risk management

♦ An independent SafePlus assessor will visit the business to take an in-depth look or deep dive into three of your critical health and safety risks


♦ Review current health and safety plans

♦ Observe how people work in their respective environments

♦ Talk to people from all levels in the business to gain an in-depth understanding of its workings

♦ Consider how the beliefs, attitudes, and relationships between people influence leadership and decision making processes

Strategic Defence Logo

Our Vision Supports Your Mission.


To provide the best operational and lifesaving equipment by listening to and understanding our customers’ requirements.


To equip and safeguard those entrusted to protect us.


- We value all people - and keeping them safe!

- We are committed and accountable in all we do, both in and externally.

- Strategic Defence views its people as its greatest asset.

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