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Condor LCS Cobra Gun Belt



The CONDOR LCS Cobra® Gun belt is the latest addition to our load-bearing belt family. It is constructed with heavy-duty webbing and reinforced with an additional layer of scuba webbing, the Condor Cobra® gun belt is more than capable of handling a heavy load.

Not only does it feature durable two-inch Cobra® buckles by Austrialpin™. The reinforced gun belt exterior also features a proprietary LCS material with non-traditional, laser cut MOLLE slots to help stabilize or organize all of your modular attachments.

The removable inner anti-slip pad provides added comfort, especially when wearing the gun belt for long periods of time or when carrying particularly heavy gear. This versatile belt can be used in conjunction with an inner belt for a two-belt system or as a stand-alone belt. It’s a popular shooting belt for outdoorsmen as well as first responders in training or on active duty.

“The perfect belt for training. The perfect belt for active duty. The perfect belt. Yeah, we like the LCS Cobra Gun Belt a lot.”

Heavy load bearing gun belt

  • Genuine COBRA® buckles by AUSTRIALPIN™ (2″ Buckle)
  • 2 inch wide belt webbing throughout
  • Laser cut slots for modular attachment
  • Reinforced with scuba webbing
  • Removable inner anti-slip pad
  • Can be used as two belt system
  • Small/Medium: 34.5″ – 38.5” belt length, Waist size 30”-32”
  • Medium/Large: 40.5″ – 44.5” belt length, Waist size 34”-36”


Quality assurance

Rest assured and know that Condor supplies innovative products. Condor launched its Condor Elite product line in 2016 to offer functional gear made from premium material components to support the needs of law enforcement and security professionals responding to crisis situations in urban settings world-wide.

Partnered with Covered Six Security Academy, a leading security specialist in the nation, to develop this step-above product line infused with cutting- edge innovation, style, and durability. Condor Elite became an instant success in the marketplace. 

The product lines are continuously field-tested by professionals to ensure precision, quality and long-term reliability. Condor’s focus has always been to deliver products that are both reliable and extremely functional. The faithful following know that Condor’s products will excel under the most demanding situations. 


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