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Physical traces are known as silent witnesses, containing important information. This evidence is crucial to understanding and reconstructing crimes. Errors in collection could jeopardise an entire investigation. The ECM Forensics kits are user friendly, allowing even new recruits or trainees to collect vital information from the scene.

DB Buccal Reference Sample Collection Kit

For collection of Buccal Cells from inside the mouth

EXR Explosive Residue Evidence Collection Kit

For the collection of a organic or inorganic for explosives analysis

DC Swabbing Evidence Collection Kit

For the collection of Biological DNA samples from a Crime Scene


GSR Gunshot Residue Evidence Collection Kit

A kit to collect gunshot residue from the hands of a suspect

DD Container and Catch Paper Evidence Collection Kit

For easy collection and packaging of items from a Crime Scene that may contain DNA evidence


AEC Animal DNA Evidence Collection Kit

To collect high quality forensic samples from animals for DNA typing purposes

D5 Clothing and Exhibit Collection Kit

For the collection of clothing and/or exhibits for DNA analysis

ENT Entomology Evidence Collection Kit

For the collection of high quality insect samples


DF Sharp and Dangerous Items Collection Kit

Can also be used for knives and blunt instruments etc.


SIK Species Identification Kit

For the collection of Fauna and Flora DNA evidence in support of species identification

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